EXUS Collections Analytics

EXUS Collections Analytics supports collections managers on both operational and strategic level by providing an extensive list of predefined reports as well as a debt collections business model that permits the design of reports that fit specific needs, by end users.

It supports dashboards and multi-dimensional analysis to drill-down into data. It is web browser deployed, does not require extensive training for end users and loads security access rights from external applications (single sign-on). The application uses Microstrategy’s Reporting Suite, the leading enterprise software platform for business intelligence, and integrates with other collections systems.

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Making Sense
Out of Numbers

EXUS Collections Analytics is the tool that collections managers need for monitoring performance and making intelligent decisions. Its design incorporates the expertise gained from over two decades of supporting collections professionals around the globe and offers a wide set of reports that collections departments need, like the “Flow Rate Analysis”, “Collections Efficiency”, “Productivity” etc.

Additionally, EXUS Collections Analytics provides Collections Managers with a comprehensive business model on top of which additional reports may be created by end users! This model covers all critical operational areas, such as Customers, Accounts, Payments, Actions, Assignments, Transitions and other, and allows for the drawing of reports using a large set of measures, attributes, prompts, filters and hierarchies.

Complete Debt Collections Software Solution

EXUS Collections Analytics is a component of the EFS Loan Collections Software, the suite that manages credit risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts. It is pre-integrated with all other components of the EFS Loan Collections Software and it can also be integrated with 3rd party debt Collections software systems. EXUS Collections Analytics covers both retail and business portfolios, maintains historicity on all collections activity, provides ready-made reports designed by Collections experts, as well as a business model for designing additional ones, supports cross-tab reports, dashboards and multi-dimensional analysis to drill-down into data, offers report archiving, automated distribution to recipient lists and many more.

Debt Collections Complexity Simplified

EXUS Collections Analytics utilizes Microstrategy’s Reporting Suite, the leading enterprise software platform for business intelligence. It is a fully web-based debt collection software solution, integrated with 3rd party directory services to support single sign-on, which does not require extensive training for end users, making the design of reports an exciting task. The power of this tool, combined with the collections data model designed by EXUS’ experts has made the request of managers that want to have control on their business’ performance a reality: end users may create, edit, share, distribute their own meaningful reports, without the need of IT intervention.