EXUS Early Warning System

EXUS Early Warning System is the most recent addition to the EFS Loan Collections Software. It facilitates the early identification of retail or corporate borrowers at risk of distress or default by providing all tools necessary:

  • a staging area for multi-source data pre-processing

  • an intuitive scoring tool to configure early warning signals

  • warning lists management tools

  • handing tools for specific cases follow up

It is accompanied by a set of reports that analyse & validate the predictive power of signals as well as monitor the evolution of warning categories.

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The financial crisis substantially increased the cost of risk for financial institutions, clearly demonstrating that early detection and effective risk mitigation is no longer a luxury.

EXUS Early Warning System leverages the company’s long credit risk management experience and the flexibility of its EXUS Financial Suite technology in delivering measurable results to creditors, fast.

The EXUS Early Warning System implements a set of effective early warning triggers and supports treatment of watch-listed customers, helping reduce both the probability of customers defaulting as well as exposure at default.

Complete Debt Collections Software Suite

EXUS Early Warning System is a fully integrated component of the EFS Loan Collections Software, the suite that manages credit risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts. However, it can also be integrated with 3rd party debt collection software solutions as well as operate stand-alone.

It supports both retail and business portfolios, multiple data sources either internal or external (e.g. credit bureaus). It exploits both electronic information (e.g. credit line changes) as well as expert knowledge from key personnel (e.g. branches’ RMs).

It supports both hierarchical and rule based prediction models, and manages warning categories / watch lists as well as treatment of watch-listed customers.

In addition to standard operational reporting for monitoring watch-lists, the EXUS Early Warning System provides efficiency improving reports, including explanatory power of signals, predictive power of signals, etc.

Empowering the
End User

In line with the EFS Loan Collections Software principles, the EXUS Early Warning System is designed with a key focus on Empowering the End User.

Setting up and maintaining prediction models through its scoring tool is an intuitive and straightforward process, while designing processes for handling watch-listed customers is performed through its visual workflow designer without the need of intervention from IT personnel. By minimizing the time required to apply different models & processes, organisations gain an important competitive advantage: ability to quickly respond to market changes!