EXUS Collections 

EXUS Collections can support both in-house and external collections activity on any kind of financial product, for retail or corporate customers. It integrates seamlessly with the organisations back-office systems, supports collection scoring and risk segmentation of customers and accounts, provides end users with business process design and monitoring tools, facilitates multichannel notification activities, as well as monitors and evaluates performance and optimizes strategic decision making.

Most importantly, all collections and recovery software parametrisation is performed by end users through visual configuration tools, so no technical knowledge is needed to set up the system.

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Comprehensive Debt Collections Software Suite

EXUS Collections is the core component of the EXUS Loan Collections Software, the suite that manages credit risk along the whole lifecycle of accounts. It supports debt collections for either retail, SMEs or corporate customers, in-house operations as well as outsourcing, strategies at customer and account level, centralized or distributed organizational models.

EXUS Collections is the one application that offers all the necessary tools required by Collection Managers to gain control and increase the efficiency of the debt collection process, such as collections scoring, portfolio segmentation, strategy management, workflow management, champion-challenger, call centre management, incentive schemes, vendor (DCAs) management, multichannel automatic notifications, document management and collateral management.

Intelligent Action

Collections Departments are faced with the challenge of handling delinquent portfolios that are disproportionate to their –usually- fixed capacity. Thus, they need to maximize their efficiency, and in achieving this, the availability of insightful, actionable customer/account analytics is key.

Simply put, it is a matter of making the right offer, to the right customer, at the right time.

EXUS Collections, through supporting risk calculating scorecards, can drive decisions that result in the highest possible rate of self-cure accounts (thus avoiding unnecessary expenses and possible customer irritation), identify the accounts that need to be worked more intensively (in order to avoid up flows), prioritize treatment, offer suitable restructuring plans, customize the interaction and the timelines and skip entire steps. Since risk is intrinsic to the whole credit cycle, EXUS Collections and Recovery Software keeps a consistent risk assessment framework through all stages in terms of ratings, tools and reporting.

Empowering the
End User

EXUS Collections offers a very flexible and intuitive user interface comprising visual graphical tools, which empowers business users to set up and maintain their strategies and processes without the need for intervention by the IT department. All parameterization is performed using these tools, thus eliminating the need for writing code (or pseudo-code) as is the case with other market solutions.

With these tools, EXUS Collections software removes the constant bottleneck between business requirements capturing and IT implementation that exists in several organisations, thus enabling collections managers to take control of their business and react effectively to the shifting environment. Business decisions can easily be traced to system parametrization, while the system itself provides self-documenting capabilities.

Adaptable - Scalable Debt Collections Software

EXUS Collections is the choice of financial institutions such as banks, consumer finance & debt buying organisations, as well as telecom operators that need to increase their collections efficiency. It currently supports collections and recovery operations ranging from a few thousands of accounts to several million, used by the end user teams ranging from a few tens to several hundred, managing both in-house as well as outsourced debt collections activities for a small or very wide set of external partners. EXUS Collections supports organisations employing different IT back-office systems that provide different levels of data availability/quality.

Integrated Debt Collections Best Practice

EXUS Collections integrates international debt collections best practice, distilled from almost two decades of actively supporting collections managers in numerous successful installations in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. It incorporates “lessons learned” and knowhow gained from organisations operating in multiple geographical markets, demonstrating different levels of maturity and expertise, required to comply with different local regulations, operating in highly or less competitive markets.


EXUS guarantees a smooth & quick system implementation due to the parameterization capabilities of the collection and recovery software, the on-site presence of seasoned collections experts, the efficiency of the system’s integration module for setting up the required interfaces and, more importantly, EXUS’ specialized RapidDeploy™ methodology, a controlled step-by-step approach that streamlines implementation, starting from a structured and template-based requirement capturing phase.