EXUS' Financial Suite Recognized as the “Best-In-Class” debt collections software in the world


EXUS’ Debt Collections Software was profiled in Gartner’s, analyst report “Loan Collections Systems Technology Analysis” as being the “Best-In-Class” debt collections software globally, for core collections, enterprise technology and customer management.

The report, is the first ever global technology analysis of loan collections systems by an industry analyst firm.

Fifty vendors were considered in the preliminary phase, with fourteen vendors selected for the final evaluation report. The report also features key findings from Gartner’s survey regarding emerging technologies with high ROI, as well as criteria to evaluate collections solutions.

Gartner’s analysis and comparison framework employs a five-point rating system on which individual systems are scored. The report identifies 22 attributes that define a “best-in-class” system and groups them into four categories that reflect organisations’ needs around debt collections. Top performing systems identified in each of the 4 categories are given a of “best-in-class” recognition.

As the report observes:

"EXUS’ IT architecture and deployment capabilities have enabled it to sell its system to financial institutions of any size, including smaller institutions that many other vendors don’t support. 

Although lesser known outside its primary regions of operation, EXUS’s loan collections technology, staff experience, and focus on retail banking make it a very attractive solution for institutions of any size to consider when replacing or upgrading their collections technology."