Why your organisation needs a self service collections solution

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Discover How A Self-Service Collections Tool Improves Kept Promise Ratios, Self-Cure Rates and Bottom-Line Revenue [EBOOK]

Globally, banks, lenders, telecoms and utilities struggle with rising customer debts that threaten loan profitability and the collection of payment obligations. Unfortunately, their response is to annoy customers even further by dispatching field agents, making disruptive phone calls, or sending ineffective letters in a misguided effort to collect. 

Organisation needs a Self-services

A pushy contact approach isn’t the most profitable or personable way to run your business. There’s a better way.

It’s called a self-service solution, and our guide breaks down everything you need to know about this new collections tool. It’ll even show you how a bank achieved a kept promise ratio of 75% using one. 

In this free ebook, titled Why Your Organization Needs a Self-Service Collections Solution, you’ll discover:

  • The problem with your current collections operations.
  • How self-service capabilities improve self-cure rates without driving away customers.
  • The benefits firms and their customers reap from self-service solutions.
  • What to expect in a self-service solution.
  • How one retail bank achieved a 75% kept promise ratio shortly after employing a self-service solution.

 This is a secret weapon your bank, telecom, utility or collections agency cannot afford to be without.

Learn all about it in the free guide. Just fill out the form on the left to download it now. 


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